by Angelica Ramirez (@Ang_Ramm)

Angel is an avant-garde film photographer who uses color manipulation to create dreamlike moments. Her work can be found on SuperRare, Foundation, and more. "Sunset Lake" was shot on a Canon AE-1P film camera, then processed to elicit an ethereal state and evoke nostalgia.


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Jan 26th, 12pm ET

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Past Drops


By Albertine Meunier

"HyperChips" by Albertine Meunier, an AI-generated Tezos collection, was released to celebrate the reveal of all of the Newbies! This was given out on Twitter as part of the #10DaysOfAlbertine

Date: December, 2022

Digital Derivative

By Connie Digital

Modeled after Connie Digital's own Newbie 1/1 and tuned to his style in a derivative form. This was attached to a sound puzzle that could be solved on our Twitter to win, with the other eight being raffled.

Date: November 20, 2022


By Calvyn Justus

A metaverse-ready jacket designed by Calvyn Justus, with contribution from the NEW HERE team. Jacket was claimable for free to token holders. For jacket holders, connect your wallet to download the OBJ file.

Date: October 2nd, 2022

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