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NEW HERE avatars are utility-focused generative collectibles. Every NEW HERE avatar is your key to our private NEW HERE discord, as well as your entry to irl and metaversal events.

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Sep 26, 10am PT
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> Create your own custom avatar in collaboration with our artist as a unique 1/1 in the collection.

> Receive the 1/1 avatar dropped to your wallet.

> Your personalized traits will be dispersed throughout the 10K collection.

> Your avatar will make an appearance in the film.

Mint Creator Pass


25 ETH

> Crypto Producer credit in the film and on IMDB.

> 2 tickets to the NEW HERE irl premiere.

> Early access to sneak peaks and in-progress screenings of I’M NEW HERE.

> All of Creator Perks

Mint Producer Pass

About the Collection


Each We're New Here NFT is a generated avatar, whose traits are inspired by the iconic cast of our film, "I'm New Here."

Each avatar is completely unique and comprised of several traits, and look something like this:

Unique Traits

Some avatars even come with rare traits, like Danny Cole's Creature, Snowfro's Chromie Squiggle, and Nate Alex's Doodle Cat, and more!

Why Mint?


Support the film capturing the greatest art movement of our generation.


Support the all-star cast of the film. 15% of gross revenue from the WE’RE NEW HERE NFT drop goes directly to the featured artists, in perpetuity.


Receive exclusive drops created by artists featured in the film.


Access exclusive sneak peaks of the film I’M NEW HERE, as well as tickets to our metaverse premiere.


Unlock access to professionally curated media events: both IRL and in-metaverse


Support world-class, independent, crypto-native filmmakers in bringing the stories from our communities to a wider audience.

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